First impressions are all important.

Lifestyle magazine Men’s Health quizzed 200 of their female readers in order to get an answer to the question “What is the first thing a woman notices about a man?”

The study found that the first thing women notice upon passing a man on the street is the eyes. The magazine also provided a top five, so we all know exactly what we need to work on.

After the eyes, the most noticeable features on a man are the smile, height, hands and style in that order – which might not be great news for those among us who are vertically challenged (or toothless, for that matter).

Interestingly, the magazine also showed the men a picture of a man in a Speedo and asked the ladies where their eyes went at first glance. According to this bit of research, the top three answers were the abdomen, the face and the shoulders/biceps.

So if you want to make sure you don’t scare away women on the street, now you know the main thing to work on is your eyes.

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