Just like Cinderella, a certain bride whose wedding photo has been circulating the internet needed saving but not from a wicked step mother and two ugly step-sisters. The unnamed bride who suffered a tragic accident that left her face in another shape needed saving from her current state and found one.
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In a society where physical appearance opens doors and rules the day, the newly-wed bride must have given up on ever starting a family with the man of her dreams. As fate will have it, her supposed charming spirit attracted a man who proudly held her in his arms and walked down the aisle with her.
Social media users who have stumbled upon the photo have taken a lesson from their union which is a direct reflection of how physical appearance comes last when two hearts meant for each other, cross paths.

Like two lovers, they walked down the aisle and just like Cinderella, the bride showed up with a dress and shoes and exchanged marital vows with her prince charming.

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