Episode three of Star Trek: Discovery has been beamed into our lives, and the universal consensus appears to be, yep, we’re pretty much hooked.

A crowd-pleasing episode for Trekkies everywhere, ‘Context Is for Kings’ has been applauded on social media for its playful details and the introduction of the mysterious Captain Lorca.

Although fans have been busy speculating Lorca’s motivations, and whether Jason Isaacs is going to take the commander to “full Deatheater” territory, it was the contents of Lorca’s desk that got a lot of people talking.

Sonequa Martin, Jason Isaacs, Star Trek: Discovery, Episode 3

 Yep, it’s been a long time coming, but the return of the adorable yet alarmingly rampant Tribble is finally here.

Aside from furry aliens, fans appear to be genuinely enjoying the trajectory of the series three episodes in now that we’re aboard the USS Discovery and drawing ever-closer to the inevitable war.

From Alice in Wonderland references to the beauty of the ship to the enigmatic dynamic between Lorca and Michael Burnham, the “spectacular” episode three appeared to have it all for fans.

In other words, you might want to cancel any Sunday/Monday night plans you have lined up.

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