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To say that relations with North Korea have been unstable lately would be a gross understatement. It was reported that the totalitarian regime was making their nuclear warheads capable of fitting inside long range missiles back in July, and President Trump promised to meet the looming forces with “with fire and fury like the world has never seen” should Kim Jong-un continue with his plan.

Despite these histrionics and a brief subsequent pause, threats of a “merciless strike” against the U.S. mainland, Hawaii, or Guam were renewed this week. The aggression continues, as short term missiles have been fired off of North Korea’s east coast. According to the New York Times, the missiles made it about 155 miles to the northeast before collapsing into the Sea of Japan. South Korean military officials are currently gathering intel to determine the type of missiles used. CNN reports that US defense officials have determined that the missiles do not pose an immediate threat to North America or Guam.

In what is not coincidental, the United States and South Korea began war games on Monday and they will continue through the end of the month. This twice-yearly event is to prepare for the growing escalation in North Korea’s plans for violent dominance. North Korea has routinely made a show of strength during these games, so the launch is not entirely unexpected.

The intent is clear: North Korea is not interested in reaching an agreement through diplomacy.

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