“It is very easy to allow the joy eating fangs of Depression sink deep and sharp into your Willpower. You might find yourself sleeping for hours to escape, feeling overwhelmed with Life, Wishing the earth would swallow you whole. Soon, many days would pass and you would feel even more bitter with yourself because you are unable to account for lost time.
You cannot show yourself what you have achieved in three days, 1 week, 4months. And this in turn would make you even more depressed.

One of the things that really does escalate the feeling of being depressed in humans is the desire for something we do not yet have, something we had and lost, or something we think we could never have.

You are innately a Master Creator. When you are not being productive, not creating something worthwhile, not adding some value to yourself and our Beautiful earth, it is very easy to beat yourself down into a never ending Depressive hole. Why? Because your real self, the you that you call ‘I’ knows all things and is constantly expecting you to use and maximize your limitless potential. And when you are not, it tells you!

Do Something!

CREATE FOR YOURSELF A VERY SMALL GOAL in line with your overall vision for yourself, to be achieved at a certain time. Right now, forget about all the things you do not have. If you do not have it yet, then God has decided it is an unecessary variable to your growth and evolution at this time.
Instead, focus on this one small thing that you can do.
PRAY: Who better to talk to than the one who made you.
CRY: You better!
THINK: Allow yourself the joy of experiencing the power of your imagination to Visualize this goal.

INK: Write out the steps and the things you would need.

STRATEGIZE: Plan, Plan, Plan until you get excited with your Team.

DO: This is the part where the Depression would begin to fall off you like bad shedding skin.

I promise, if you would let yourself achieve just one small feat this week, EVERYTHING would change!
You’d like yourself a little more.
You’d have something to appreciate yourself for. And that is the start point. Repeat Again. I wish you Joy! 💙”

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