French president Hollande

A POLICE sniper has accidentally fired a pistol during a speech by French President Francois Hollande – wounding himself and a waiter.

The bizarre accident happened in Villognon, western France, as the head of state opened the new high-speed train line between Paris and Bordeaux.

“A shot rang out as the President was making a speech, and there was clearly a great deal of concern,” said a local police source. “The President stopped speaking as the shot was investigated, and those injured attended to.

“Neither was badly hurt.”

According to an initial enquiry the gendarme had left the safety catch off his service revolver and the gun went off my mistake.

The officer was slightly injured, and so was a cocktail waiter also standing inside the marquee ,where Mr Hollande was making the speech.

The waiter, who works for a catering company, was said to have an injured foot, and was treated at the scene.

Mr Hollande, who will step down as President in May, was unhurt during today’s incident, and continued his speech.

France is currently under a state of emergency, following a series of Islamist terrorist attacks.

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